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Burgundy, opulence of culture

You are ready to explore the appealing history of our region in pure villages and the splendid ‘chateaux'in the neighbourhood? The cultural heritage is within stone’s throw.

For those who love historical heritage from the age of the dukes, chatelains and knights or crusaders there is only one solution; stay in this region for at least a week. The treasures of patrimony are never-ending here. The Burgundians have the feeling to renovate their radiant castles and wine estates in a way their authenticity is untouched. Often they are given a new, contemporary destination so the patrimony does not disappear and the doors remain open to the public. Lots of ancient castles are now hotels, museums, restaurants, banquet halls,conference centres and local socio-cultural meeting places. 


links chapelle de Domange - rechts onze mammoetboom

If you walk down our street, you already find yourself in front of a fragment of cultural heritage namely La Chapelle de Domange, a site of ‘L'Abbaye de Cluny’. This is a brilliantly restored chapel, where often exhibitions and concerts take place. 

We are members of ‘Au Choeur de Domange’, organisers of the cultural offer of La Chapelle. There is a variety of exhibitions and music concerts where you are warmly welcomed with an amicable drop from the local wineries and an ‘amuse bouche'prepared by the village residents. 

What’s on in 2013

Chateaux and monuments in the surroundings

Every walk you start here, lets you disclose the history of this region through its authentic villages and marvelous ‘chateaux'in the neighbourhood.

One of the best conserved and most ancient European fresco’s (12th century) is to be found at hand Monk’s chapel of Berzé-La-Ville, a historical site of Cluny.
But there is a lot more in and around our village: dozens of romanesque churches, ‘chateaux’, convents or priories, ancient water reservoirs and laundries, wine estates and fantastic parks with age-old trees and rare plants. Simply too much to tell. We will do our best to reveal to you all we know about these.


Chateau d’ Igé

In our village you have Le Chateau d’ Igé. This is a wonderful hotel and restaurant where you can visit the beautiful garden with flowers and herbs and the rippling river as well.

Chateau d’ Azé

Just a bit further there is Le Chateau d'Azé where numerous French couples celebrate their wedding-party. There is a gorgeous park to visit.bezoeken park.

Chateau de Cormatin

Grand as well is ‘Chateau de Cormatin’. Taking a tour there displays what happened behind doors of counts and countesses in a time marriages were cunningly arranged. Very clear you are told how luxury was exposed in the age where electricity and flowing water belonged ‘Back to the Future’. You notice how their wealth was exhibited in the most maniacal way or on the other hand was veiled and concealed… Here again the garden with the most exclusive herbs, plants, flowers and trees is absolutely worth it.


A visit to Brancion is especially nice when children are around: a car free medieval town where you can visit the fortress dressed up as a knight or princess.

Chateau de Pierreclos



Alphonse Lamartine, an illustrious writer, poet and politician left traces of his existence in this region. He was born in Mâcon in 1790 and in his childhood he lived in Milly-sur-Saône. This valley was named after him. You can take ‘La Route Lamartine'and hence his intriguing biography. As a poet he let the heart of more than one woman beat faster. A 15 minute drive and you can gaze at Le Chateau de Pierreclos where both his mistresses lived.

Route Lamartine

 Chateaux en Bourgogne du Sud

You can also start the Route des Chateaux en Bourgogne Sud. Roughly twenty owners of castles and monuments in this region joined forces to open up their ‘chateaux'to the public. A clever guide shows you the way and explains about the history of every ‘chateau’, what more there is to see and it supplies you with all the practical information you need..

Route deschateaux

Index of all chateaux of our region

Towns, cities and historical sights

The glamourous cultural heritage of towns and cities like Cluny, Tounus, Chalon sur Saône, Lyon and Mâcon is close to hand. On our information shelf you can find all about this wonderful sights in guides and brochures to take with you on your visit.


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