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Burgundy, a celebration for gourmets

People who like to complete their holiday with all the goodies Mother Earth has on offer, harmonise perfectly in Burgundy. For foodies this region is the cream of the crop.
Wine tasting Delicious food Regional markets

Wine tasting

Luc schenkt wijn

At Le Clos Domange you get every opportunity you wish to taste the regional wines. Already upon arrival we indulge you with a welcome drink of your choice. Should it be a refreshing crémant or a fruity white Mâcon of a Bourgogne with its typical chardonnay aroma, a red Bourgogne with the delicate fruity Pinot Noir of the somewhat more vigorous Gamay grape in the red Mâcon wines. You can taste numerous on our terrace by day, in the evening while enjoying a table d'hôte or afterwards at our intimate wine bar under the scycamores.

Starting at Le Clos Domange you are never far away from our local winegrowers and tasting their cherished wines. Our village Igé numbers as much as 300 households and among them there are more than 50 winegrowers. Walking down our street you already find three wineries. They are eagerly waiting to be at your service and to tell ardently about the Art of wine making.

Have a look yourself on the official site of Burgundian wines.


Wijn in kerstjasje

 Or hunt some of the local winegrowers within walking distance who already know us well.

Other favourites at less than a 30 minute drive:

And a lot - really a lot .- of others…
A bit further you can embark on la route du vin where you pass all grand ‘chateaux'of Burgundy.

This is also possible by bike: http://tourisme.vins-bourgogne.fr/

Again and again tasting wine is celebrating and embracing life itself.

Delicious food

lekker ontbijt

At Le Clos Domange we would like to treat you to regional goodies. Breakfast embraces all the pleasures a true Burgundian could wish for. At our table you can always find a range of fruit juices, coffee or tea also herbal - sometimes from our own garden - fresh rolls and crispy croissants served together with our self prepared jellies and marmalades. There is also chocolate spread or honey from the local beekeeper. For those who love a savoury filling we have a wide range of cheeses and ‘charcuterie’. Our hens are proud to take care of the eggs. There is also fruit salad, yoghurt, quark and ‘Faiselle’, to fill the gaps… Every day there is an extra special surprise…



Very often we prepare a three course ‘table d’hôte'with regional specialties. We inform you about the menu in advance so you can sign up until two days beforehand.

In the evening you can taste delicious cheese snacks and other appetizers to go with your glass of wine.

But if you adore good food, you must most definitely go out for dinner in our region. Every village has its brasserie, restaurant, pizzeria or snack bar. For a few pennies you can have a fabulous meal and you discover ‘des escargots'– Admit it, this sounds a lot better than ‘snails'-, ‘cuisses de grenouilles'– Again better in French (frog’s legs), ‘jambom persillé, whether or not accompanied by a green salad with a spicy mustard dressing. Wonderful meat dishes such as ‘boeuf bourguignon’, ‘coq au vin’, ‘Poule de Bresse’, steak charolais, ‘pot-au-feu'you can find in most restaurants.Withing walking distance in Igé our favourite is Les Fourchettes.

There are also several gourmet restaurants that serve elegant dishes presented like a painting on your plate. Dining in a French chateau with the past luring behind every corner adds just that little extra, perhaps to feel like a fairy princess or prince. Within walking distance in Igé you have our favourite Le Chateau d’ Igé.

At the entrance on the information shelf you find all about the regional restaurants, approved by us or our guests. We give further information willingly.

Regional markets

Every week there are big or small but always charming markets in Mâcon and in the surrounding villages. There you can try and buy regional produce.

Visit a goat farm

geitjesMâcon is known for its typical goats'cheese, ‘le Mâconnais’. Goat farmer Eliane delivers fresh goats'cheeses at Le Clos Domange. They are as soft and white as cream but some are mature or even old. Anyway they are always surprisingly tasty. She guides you with pleasure around her farm and explains the art of producing cheese as clear as crystal to you. She also breeds other animals such as chickens, rabbits and ducks. Tasting the white Mâcon of the house together with Eliane’s cheeses is an astonishing combination.

On Saturdays you can find Jacqueline Bourdon in front of the church of Igé. She is also eager to sell you her goats'cheese. A bit further in Chevagny-les-Chevrières there is her farm and Le Petit Musée des Chailloux to visit, with all imaginable explanation about the production of goats'cheese, ancient tools etc. She too likes to serve great cheeses accompanied by great wines.

L’ Escargot Brionnais


If you are interested to know where all those Burgundian snails come from, then you should visit La Ferme Hélicicole de Corinne Rubod in Vaux. It takes about half an hour to get there by car. There the snails are kept and prepared in a traditional way. It is almost impossible to catch how many different kinds of snails there are and which gourmet meals you can prepare with them. 




The Charolais, the white cow of Burgundy

witte koe


When you drive more to the north you can see her graze.

If you want to know more about her, then you can visit La Maison du Charolais. It is a 45 minute drive. 



The Bresse, probably the best chicken in the world

bresskip With their white feathers and blue feet the Poules de Bresse are famous worldwide. Though the price is a bit extravagant, they are truly worth tasting.

At Georges Blanc in Vonnas thirty minutes driving from here, you come to the right man for this. Since ages this family Blanc has built a whole range of restaurants and brasseries where the Poulet de Bresse is prepared in a traditional way but also served as the most exquisite and special top dish. They have benefited a lot from this. Vonnas is even called ‘le village Blanc’. He practically owns the place.

And very near to Le Clos Domange a 15 minute drive, within a stone’s throw of the goats'farm of Jacqueline Bourdon, the son of Georges Blanc has his own small but delightful restaurant L’ Arbre Blanc. He outstandingly adapts the distinguished traces of the Blanc tradition into his own polished approach.


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