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Le Clos Domange 308, Montée de la Poye 71960 Igé

GPS Coördinates:46.402817 4.744101

Route indication from Maastricht  A 2:

Luik of Liege A6  
Luxemburg A26  
Metz A31  
Nancy A31  
Langres A31  
Dijon A31  
Tournus A6  
Macon v  
Mâcon-Centre  (exit 28) towards tollbooth A6 Mâcon-Centre 
First traffic circle to the right, on the D205 towards Lugny and Charbonnières D205 Charbonnières
After 0,6 km, cross the second traffic circle (2nd exit) towards Chardonnièrs D103 Charbonnières
After 0,6 km you corss the highway D103 Charbonnières
You enter the village Chardonnières and after a few km you follow the D86 on your left, towards Azé. D86 Azé
After 2,3 km, just before Laizé, turn right to the D82 towards Azé and Igé. D82 Azé / Igé
After 2,6 km, in St. Maurice de Sattonnay, follow the D82 to your left towards. D82 Azé / Igé
After 2,3 km, just before Azé, turn left and take the D85 towards Igé. D85 Igé
After 2,6 km, you enter Le Martoret and when you have passed the Winehouses Fichet and Domaine des Roches, you clime up the road at your right, going to Domange.   Chapelle en Domange
After 200 m, you're in Montée de la Poye and 250 m further at n° 308 you see Le Clos Domange.   Welcome at  "Le Clos Domange"

Route direction from Lyon A6: 

From the South to the North, you follow the A6, direction Paris. A6 Lyon Paris 
At 75 km from Lyon, you pass Mâcon. A6 Macon Paris
Take the exit 29 towards Mâcon-sud A6 Mâcon-Sud
Passed the Toll, at the traffic circle, take the first road to your right, the N79 to Cluny. N79 Nancy
After around 7 km, take the exit 4 to La Roche Vineuse.   La Roche Vineuse
At the end of the exit after 100m, you turn right and then 200 m further, you go left towards La Roche Vineuse.   La Roche Vineuse
In La Roche Vineuse, you turn right towards Igé. D85 Igé en Azé
A few km further, in Verzé, you turn around the church at your left, and continue the road towards Igé. D85 Igé
In Igé at the T-point, turn left towards Azé. D85 Azé
The next crossroad, go straight on towards Azé D205 Azé
You pass the chruch at your left and 200 m further you turn left and climb up the hill towards (Chapelle de) Domange. D103 Domange
At the top, when you see the chapel, just before you reach it, you turn right at 'Montée de la Poye' and 50 m further at your right, you find Le Clos Domange. D103 Welcome at ''Le Clos Domange''


franceLe Clos Domange
308 Monteé de la Poye
71960 Igé, France

+33 385 33 03 99
+33 679 02 23 02