Rules for pets

  • Dogs can roam freely on the grounds as long as other guests are not disturbed. Our gates are open at all times though and some of the walls on the edge of our property are very low. So mind, dogs can escape.
  • Dogs should be trained well and be able to leave other visitors alone if they desire so. The wishes of the other guests should always be respected.
  • Nourishment is your concern. Please, make it clear if it is all right for other guests to give your dog (pet) some goodies. There are always some spare dog biscuits and a drinking bowl at your disposal.
  • Dog poop should be removed all over the premises by the dog owner.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the joint dining room and in the kitchen.
  • They can be on the terrace as long as the other guests do not mind.
  • Preferably dogs sleep in the shed in a bench (which you bring along yourself). You can also have your dog sleep in a bench, in a dog basket or mat in your room exept in the room chez Lucette.
  • Dogs must be retained or be kept on the lead when you are in the main building until you have closed the door of your room.
  • Damage to the furniture and the room should be established and compensated.
  • Too much dog hair in the room should be removed. (Please, ask for our vacuum cleaner.)


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